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Comparison of remote desktop software

Wikipedia Comparison chart of Remote Support tools. There are several popular tools not listed but overall the chart is a fairly comprehensive list remote support programs and their features but does not include a comparison of cost.

Thanks to Dan Hand of ACRBO for the link.


Kaseya is a Manages Services platform for IT service providers. You must fill out a form online to receive a price quote. Free 30 day trial .


160 Spear Street
Suite 1220
San Francisco, CA 94105

NTR Global

NTR Global offers off-site remote support software solutions using a Software as a Service licensing model. The company has offices around the world. Must call or e-mail for quote. Free 15 day trial .

Call for quote: 1-866-459-2543

North America: 4849 Alpha Road, Ste 200 Dallas, TX 75244



Zelscope: Oscilloscope and Spectrum Analyzer

Zelscope is an application that converts a PC into a low-frequency oscilloscope and spectrum analyzer. A single user license is $9.95. A 14 day trial version is available.



Maltego is a forensics and information gathering application. It is an open source application with a free and paid edition for Linux and Microsoft Windows. The free "community" edition has a nag screen and reduced functionality.


Free "Community" Edition:

Paid "Commercial"Edition:


/XSSED is a repository for information about cross site scripting vulnerabilities and attacks. The site was created by Kevin Fernandez and Demitris Pagkalosand is considered the largest known listing of XSS vulnerable websites.



US-CERT (United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team) is a US Government agency in partnership with both private and public sectors. The site includes the National Vulnerability Database , security  publications,  alerts and tips and other resources.


National Vulnerability Database

The National Vulnerability Database is a US government repository of vulnerability management data. The database is sponsored by the Department of Homeland Security's National Cyber Security Division . The repository uses SCAP (Security Content Automation Protocol).



Reimage is a new automated web-based Windows Repair process that is safe, non-destructive and can be performed remotely. The product was featured in episode 26 of The Force Field podcast.

The company is based in Israel with a US office in New York.

Reimage can be purchased as a package of 20 repairs or as a monthly subscription of up to 50 repairs/month.

Members of TheForceField.Net can receive a FREE 7 day trial of Reimage for evaluation.

Contact Information:

Israel Headquarters:
3 Hachilazon street,
Ramat Gan 52522


US Office:
1 Penn Plaza
41st Floor
New York, NY 10119
Mon-Fri: 9am-10pm EST

Technical Support:







PC-Doctor, Inc.

PC-Doctor is a worldwide industry leader in PC diagnostic hardware and software for OEMs, System Builders, corporate IT departments and PC repair professionals. Among the products they offer is PC-Doctor Service Center 6, a hardware and software diagnostic kit for computer repair techs.

PC-Doctor is the preferred diagnostic suite for HP computers.

PC-Doctor Service Center 6

PC-Doctor Home Page

PC-Doctor also publishes a free monthly newsletter called Service Currents


PC-Doctor, Inc.
9805 Double R. Boulevard.
Reno, NV  89521
Phone 775-336-4000

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