Novell wins, SCO loses and the Linux world is safe again

After years of ugly lawsuits and court battles over copyrights between Novell and SCO, a Utah court ruled in favor of Novell and said SCO has no ownership in Unix code the company claimed was used in Linux. In a brief post on their web site Tuesday Novell said “this decision is good news for Novell, for Linux, and for the open source community.”

SCO, as you may recall was the company that claimed ownership of the Unix code and said some of that code was in Linux. SCO filed lawsuits against IBM, Novell and Red hat to prove its point – a point that could have potentially turned all three companies – and the entire Linux community – upside down had any of it been true. However, SCO could not come up with any viable examples of such transgression during the discovery phase. Yesterday a jury determined SCO didn’t own the code to begin with, so any Unix intellectual property used in Linux, if there was any, wasn’t theirs to claim or defend at all.

The Linux community is both relieved and elated. SCO wasn’t merely attacking a few companies, it was attempting  to change the entire open source landscape and there was uncertainty over how the case would affect the entire open source model.  After the lawsuits were initially filed, SCO became the most hated and vilified company in the tech world. For years SCO was seen asThe Big Bad Wolf to their defendants’ Three Little Pigs, but for all the huffing and puffing the company couldn’t blow down them down.

In fact, early on in the game SCO ran out of breath and had to be propped up by Microsoft, themselves searching for a way to combat the spread of Linux.

However, tonight, The Three Little Pigs and the entire Linux community can sleep well knowing that, finally, the Big Bad Wolf has been put in his place. SCO has no claim to Unix or Linux.The Linux world is safe again.


Second episode of The Force Field restored and re-released

Last year the CDN which hosted the first six original episodes of The Force Field went offline permanently, taking the episodes with it. As we just released The Force Field Premium Edition Volume 1 in The Force Field Podcast Store on another host, which consisted of the first six episodes remastered with extended content and no advertising, there was no immediate concern.

The original, free versions of the first six episodes of The Force Field have been remastered, restored and there are plans to re-release them online during the next few months. Last month I re-released The Force Field Episode 1 – Pilot and uploaded it to another CDN which hosts our current episodes. 

Tonight I re-released The Force Field Episode 2 – The VoIP Connection and it is now available in its original listing on The Force Field Podcast Episodes page.

This is episode features an interview with an OnForce Provider, Jamie Begin from Bright Idea VoIP, who entered the VoIP market, found out how it worked for him and what opportunities were available for other Providers who were thinking about reselling VoIP solutions to their customers.

For those who remember the earlier days of OnForce, these episodes will be a trip down memory lane. For those who just started listening and are curious, it will be a trip back in time and a glimpse into the start of an experiment in podcasting that became a project dedicated to The Business of Tech. It is interesting to compare the early episodes and hear how the show has changed to become what it is today. If nothing else, it should at least be entertaining.

You can hear the episode at or at Episode 2 – The VoIP Connection .

This is the second in a series of re-releases during the next few months. Episode 3 is planned for re-release next month. An additional episode will be re-released each month until June 2010. I will post an announcement as each episode is released.

Give it a listen and let me know what you think.

ACRBO to host FREE computer business webinar

I recently received an e-mail from Dan Hand at ACRBO about an upcoming webinar that may interest members in The Force Field.

The webinar, “3 Easy Strategies To Double Your Computer Consulting Business In 6 Months Or Less”, will be hosted by Pamela Viveiros of Technology Marketing Toolkit and Daniel Hand of ACRBO (Association of Computer Repair Business Owners). The live webinar is FREE and will be held tomorrow, March 18, 2010 at 8 PM EDT.  

I wanted to pass along the information to everyone at The Force Field and am posting the entire content of the e-mail below. Anyone interested can sign up for the webinar in the link at the bottom of the e-mail.

From Dan:

Last week I sent out [an e-mail] about a new webinar we would be doing this month. I now have the outline, solid date and time. As you can see below it explains what the webinar is about. I made sure the time for this one would allow more people to participate.

Below is what I was given to send out (no time to construct something that intelligent myself 😉 )….But the bottom line is this is good content and well worth the hour of time. DO NOT feel obligated to buy anything or anything else. BUT, I would highly recommend attending and watching what Pam covers. It is very easy to takes bit and pieces of it and implement things into your own business at no cost.

I know for a fact that others have bought things from Pam, and others that have listened and done their own things based on what is covered in the webinar and it works both ways.

Looking forward to it myself, and hopefully everyone will attend.


“3 Easy Strategies To Double Your Computer Consulting Business In 6 Months Or Less”

FREE Webinar With Technology Marketing Toolkit’s, Pamela Viveiros & Daniel Hand of ACRBO

When: Thursday, March 18th
Start Time: 9:00 p.m. ET / 8:00 p.m. CT/ 7:00 p.m. MT / 6:00p.m. PT


Dear Fellow IT Business Owner:

Many of you have shared with me how this economy has affected your business. You’re working hard, going the extra mile for your customers but business isn’t growing. You need to know how you can get NEW business. That’s why I’ve invited Pam Viveiros of the Technology Marketing Toolkit system back to come and speak to the ACRBO membership.

Because, as Pam says:

It doesn’t matter if you are the absolute best provider of technical solutions in your area; if you don’t know how to market your business to attract more high-paying clients, you are going to continue to be the best kept secret in your town, struggling to get by, barely generating any real revenue, and left to compete solely on price alone.
So, join me & Pam on this Webinar. Register Now:   

You’ll discover:
•    The one thing you can implement IMMEDIATELY to prevent your customers from doing business with anyone else
•    The fastest way to get new business coming in your door that doesn’t require a big budget or a bunch of time
•    How to develop a PROCESS for your marketing rather than having to rely on referrals or wait for the phone to ring.
•    How to get good, qualified leads to yes “YES!” to more project work and do even MORE business with you


Webinar 18 March

We have a new webinar scheduled for 18 March at 9p.m.  All Association members should of received an email about it, if not you can read about it in the forums.

Looking forward to seeing you there.

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Paradigm Shifts for Techs: Educational Marketing

I am not going to put the entire article here due to it being on another blog posting but take the time to read Paradigm Shifts for Techs: Educational Marketing here .

This was written by Derek R. Ianneli from Progressive Integrations and Derek is also a member of the Association.

I really enjoy reading the Derek writes and I am sure you will also.

Read more:

New Site Offers Valuable Marketing Resources for Small Business Owners in One Place

Successful serial entrepreneur Jemila Williams recently launched to give small business owners access to a wealth of marketing resources all in one location. Members can capitalize on resources from powerful marketing minds like Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki, as well as pose business-related questions directly to Williams.

Houston, TX (PRWEB) March 12, 2010 — Successful serial entrepreneur Jemila Williams recently launched to give small business owners access to a wealth of marketing resources all in one location. Members can capitalize on resources from powerful marketing minds like Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki, as well as pose business-related questions directly to Williams.

News ImageSmall business owners now have a brand new tool to help them create powerful marketing materials for their company— The valuable Web site gives members access to more than $20,000 in marketing resources, tools, templates and techniques for almost every business type at pennies on the dollar.


“Small business owners will have an opportunity through the information provided to increase leads and conversions, elevate transaction volumes and profit margins and form joint ventures,” said Jemila Williams, who owns and operates the site. is an innovative resource that features high-end, uncut and uncensored video from some of the most powerful marketing minds, including Donald Trump, Steven Covey, Michael Gerber, Paul Hartunian, Joel Bauer and Robert Kiyosaki. “The Web site is unique because it gives small business owners an opportunity to access the same information used by big corporate marketing individuals, as well as high-end marketing coaching consultants—without having to pay thousands of dollars up front.”

In addition to offering business marketing information products, presents a proven five-step process that business owners can apply today for quick results without the need to hire an expensive marketing consultant. Known as the “5-Step Proven Profit Formula,” the process shows businesses how to maximize:

  • profit margins by raising prices so no one notices, cutting costs and eliminating discounts
  • lead generation with techniques like free up-front offers, joint ventures and networking
  • conversions using emotional triggers, testimonials and powerful marketing material
  • transaction sizes with programs, packages, up sells and first-time buyer offers

Members of the Web site will also have unprecedented access to Williams, who has owned and operated three successful businesses. As a serial entrepreneur, Williams understands how essential marketing is in business. She will be available to answer any questions and concerns members may have about how to utilize the marketing materials presented on her site. “They will not be left alone to filter through the information,” she said. “When in doubt, they can contact me.”

Through her outstanding business acumen, Williams has generated profits in the areas of retail, hospitality and well care. Now, she is excited about combining her expertise with a credible and trustworthy resource like to help budding entrepreneurs meet their business goals. “Small business owners now have a marketing resource that they can trust 24-7,” Williams said.

For more information about small business marketing resources, contact Jemila Williams at (713) 551-1842 or visit    

About Jemila Williams
Based in Houston, Texas, Jemila Williams is an experienced Internet marketer who operates a number of niche Web sites that include, and She is also an accomplished marketing coach with an arsenal of resources to help small businesses maximize their potential and profits. Offline, Williams is the owner of Jemstone International Inc., a cutting-edge marketing and technology consulting company. She is also the founder and president of Gemstone Realty Inc., a real estate sales and investment firm that focuses on residential real estate and real estate owned (REO) properties. In 2008, she had the distinction of becoming one of the youngest EXIT Realty franchise owners to establish an international franchise. Williams, a member of the National and Houston Association of Realtors, works with real estate clients and small business owners worldwide.