Episode 6 – What’s In Your Toolkit?

This week we talk with four techs and ask them about their favorite tool.

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News and Comment segment 7:15
A shortage of AMD processors has system builders across the country in distress. A growing number of companies who build white box systems report that AMD processors are scarce or completely unavailable as many SKUs are on backorder from distributors until further notice. A few attribute this shortage to typical end of year depletion in inventory but many blame it for one specific reason on one specific company : Dell.

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Intro to calls 1:08
Every Service Provider performs their job based on what skills they have, what procedures best work for them and what methods they are most confident using. We are going to poll the Providers and ask the question “What’s your favorite tool?”

Steve Call 2:12
Woody Call 5:26
Paul Call 2:09
Dave Call 1:21

Giveaway Drawing and The Force Field Logo Contest Winners 2:24

Wrap up and Close :51

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