Due to the recent survey, and wanting to build the Association into a larger source for all members for sources of information we are proud to announce our newest site “Technical Support and Questions & Answers”. Unlike your typical forums, this site is simply for “Questions & Answers”, no smaRead More…

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Association Scholarship

Within the next few weeks all “Premium” Association members will be directed to the information pertaining to the Scholarship that we will award this year.

Once that is published that will be the time to market it in your respective area of coverage. Looking forward to the submissions.

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First episode of The Force Field restored and re-released

Last year the CDN which hosted the first six original episodes of The Force Field went offline permanently, taking the episodes with it. As we just released The Force Field Premium Edition Volume 1 in The Force Field Podcast Store on another host, which consisted of the first six episodes remastered with extended content and no advertising, there was no immediate concern.

The original, free versions of first six episodes of The Force Field have been remastered, restored and there are plans to re-release them online during the next few months. This evening I re-released The Force Field Episode 1 – Pilot and uploaded it to another CDN which hosts our current episodes. is now available in its original listing on The Force Field Podcast Episodes page.

This is the very first episode that started it all. It features Randy Campshure of Randy’s PC Repair and Steve Porter of Minuteman Tech. This is the premiere episode in which we discuss remote support programs and the difficulties of being a MacGyver when serving customers.

For those who remember the earlier days of OnForce, this will be a trip down memory lane. For those who just started listening and are curious, it will be a trip back in time and a glimpse into the start of an experiment in podcasting that became a project dedicated to The Business of Tech. It is interesting to compare the early episodes and hear how the show has changed to become what it is today. If nothing else, it should at least be entertaining.

You can hear the episode at or at Episode 1 – Pilot.

This is the first in a series of re-releases during the next few months. Episode 2 is planned for re-release next month. An additional episode will be re-released each month until May 2010. I will post an announcement as each episode is released.

Give it a listen and let me know what you think.

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