Episode 5 – Marketing Your Business

This week we talk with a Service Provider and discuss various ideas for marketing a computer business.

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Starbucks reported several laptops missing from their corporate office November 3. Two of the four laptops contained social security numbers of 60,000 employees of the company.

Google inadvertently sent posts to 50,000 members of its Video Blog Group that contained the Kama Sutra virus. Google apologized and called it an incovenience.

Sony is offering movie fans a chance to own gear based on the next James Bond film including a VAIO laptop. Could be a hot item. Literally.

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The greatest challenge in any business is how to effectively market it. It is one thing to offer a great product or service, but to get the word out, to tell everyone about it, is another matter entirely. Paul Walters of LTA Computers will discuss what it takes to get the word out and effectively market his business.

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