Zelscope: Oscilloscope and Spectrum Analyzer

Zelscope is an application that converts a PC into a low-frequency oscilloscope and spectrum analyzer. A single user license is $9.95. A 14 day trial version is available.



PC-Doctor, Inc.

PC-Doctor is a worldwide industry leader in PC diagnostic hardware and software for OEMs, System Builders, corporate IT departments and PC repair professionals. Among the products they offer is PC-Doctor Service Center 6, a hardware and software diagnostic kit for computer repair techs.

PC-Doctor is the preferred diagnostic suite for HP computers.

PC-Doctor Service Center 6 http://www.pc-doctor.com/pcd_service_center.php?_s_icmp=service_tech

PC-Doctor Home Page http://www.pc-doctor.com

PC-Doctor also publishes a free monthly newsletter called Service Currents


PC-Doctor, Inc.
9805 Double R. Boulevard.
Reno, NV  89521
Phone 775-336-4000

Ultimate Boot CD

A *FREE* set of hardware and software diagnostic tools. Check the web site for a complete list of tools included.

Current Release: 4.1.1 http://ubcd.sourceforge.net/
For Windows Current Release: 3.06 http://www.ubcd4win.com/ {mos_fb_discuss:191}

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