Telaid offers core competencies in IT, AV, security and managed services and claims to be “100% focused on Multi-Site Enterprise Clients”. Technicians are apparently referred to on the site as “partners”. The company has offices in Madison, WI., Denver, Chicago, Los Angeles and Old Lyme, CT. It is rumored the company may not be financially stable although this has not been confirmed.

13 West Main Street
P.O. Box 711
Niantic, CT 06357
Phone: 860-739-4461
Fax: 860-739-9913
Web Site:
Technician sign-up form:

Retail Echelon Installation Group – REIG

REIG specializes in the installation and service of retail traffic counter systems. The company contracts directly with technicians as well as through web-based service platforms such as OnForce.



Retail Echelon Installation Group

Address: PO Box 185
Vinton Va 24179

Phone: 866-511-2749

Fax: 866-776-5720

Web Site:

Contractor Recruitment:


Note: Please read The Force Field Forum Topic: REIG – Any non payment stories? before signing up for any direct work with this company.

Nationwide ACS, Inc.

Nationwide ACS offers onsite and remote computer repair and networking to single location businesses, multi-location businesses and residential customers. Their help center is open 24/7. It is operated by the “parent company” DH International, LLC.



Nationwide ACS, Inc.


Nationwide ACS, Inc
16720 116th Avenue Southeast, Suite 1
Renton, WA 98058-5277

Phone: (866) 970-6227

24/7 Help Desk: (866) 970-6227 option 2

Technian Line: (866) 970-6227 Option 5

Finance and Accounting; (866) 970-6227 option 3

Fax: (206) 274-6198


Technical Services:


Web Site:


Technician Sign-Up:


NOTE: This company may send unsolicited work orders to technicians who did not voluntarily join their technician network.

Global Gateway Exchange (GGETechs)

Global Gateway Exchange is the access point for field service technicians who service Velocity The Greatest Phone Company Ever, Inc. (Note: this claim is not an endorsement, it is actually part of the company name). Velocity fields service calls to technicians through GGETechs. The company boasts over 800 service technicians nation wide.




7130 Spring Meadows West Dr.
Holland, Ohio 43528

Phone: 1-888-443-4375
Fax: 1-866-683-5624

Web site:
Technician sign up form is on the home page.

Plus One Solutions

Plus One Solutions provides service fulfillment solutions and services to IT service organizations, such as Consumer Electronics, Appliance Manufacturers, Retailers, Home Improvement, Home Based Services, Cable and Telecommunications and Third Party Warranty Administrators (TPAs). The company claims to have over 45,000 service providers. Plus One Solutions also provides online training solutions, recruiting and dispatch management services as well as background, certification and drug screening.



PlusOne Solutions, Inc.
11301 Corporate Blvd,
Suite 215
Orlando, FL 32817-8354

Phone: 407-359-5929
Toll Free: 877-943-0100
Fax: 407-359-6929

877-943-0800 Toll Free


Web site:

Technician Sign Up:

Technician Log In:


SARCOM offers IT consulting and Distributed Computing support. The company has branches and satellite locations in major cities across the US.



SARCOM Corporate Headquarters
Columbus, Ohio
8337-A Green Meadows Drive North
Lewis Center, OH 43035
Phone: 1-800-326-3962

Irvine, California
19 Morgan
Irvine, CA 92618
Phone: 1-800-700-1000


Work Market, Inc.

Work Market is a new web-based IT service platform founded by OnForce founder and former CEO Jeffrey Leventhal. It is different from other platforms in the sense that it is actually more of a “labor Resource Platform”, similar to a cloud-based project management system. Work Market is currently invitation only.


Work Market, Inc.
20 West 20th Street
Suite 402
New York, NY 10011
Phone: 1-212-229-WORK (9675)
Phone: 1-877-654-WORK (9675)