Global Gateway Exchange (GGETechs)

Global Gateway Exchange is the access point for field service technicians who service Velocity The Greatest Phone Company Ever, Inc. (Note: this claim is not an endorsement, it is actually part of the company name). Velocity fields service calls to technicians through GGETechs. The company boasts over 800 service technicians nation wide.




7130 Spring Meadows West Dr.
Holland, Ohio 43528

Phone: 1-888-443-4375
Fax: 1-866-683-5624

Web site:
Technician sign up form is on the home page.

3 thoughts on “Global Gateway Exchange (GGETechs)”

  1. RE: Global Gateway Exchange (GGETechs)
    Terrible company does not pay techs on time or the going rate, stay away as they seem to think techs can work for peanuts and while they keep you waiting for pay.

  2. RE: Global Gateway Exchange (GGETechs)
    Low pay and sometimes NO PAY, I had to wait over 2 months to be paid on a simple job that Velocity botched, this company treats their techs with little respect and should not be in business. Stay away from them if your a tech trying to make a living.

  3. Low pay
    The pay runs at Flat rate 35 per call or hourly and they are sometimes late with payments.
    Mostly hotels or troubleshooting issues caused by other techs with HSI.
    The claim is they cant pay anymore then that or they lose money. Velocity must be hurting if thats the case since they are part of them.

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