Mail Viewer – View Stand Alone Email Databases

Authors: Bryce Whitty

Mail Viewer is a free and portable application to view standalone Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail and Thunderbird databases. By standalone, I mean it will display a list of the emails contained in the databases without actually setting up the email client the file belongs to. Mail Viewer allows you to view most of what you can in an ordinary email client such as view single emails, attachments and HTML preview. It also features powerful search and filtering capabilities to find specific emails inside the databases.

I recently used this application when my father needed to reference an old email from 2007. We always keep backups but it was around this time he migrated from Outlook Express to Mozilla Thunderbird, so I wasn’t sure which database this email from 2007 was in. I also had backups of the backups from various periods so I had to look in many different backup versions to find it. While it isnt too hard to setup the old database in the new application, it would have been quite time consuming to search through all of the old backup versions. Mail Viewer was perfect for this situation and is definitely worth adding to your toolkit.

Mail Viewer is free for both private and commercial users.



Download from Official Site – 1.37mb

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