Linux For The Rest of Us

Authors: Bryce Whitty

Linux is something that isn’t going away any time soon. Servers use it, Smart Phones use it and even devices like TiVo use it. In fact, we should be seeing much more of it in the future as Linux acceptance increases. In the computer repair world, Computer Technicians are using Linux builds to remove viruses, resize partitions and recover data. Many computer technicians are also installing lightweight Linux builds to give old computers a new lease of life. It pays to know at least a little bit of Linux in the computer repair world.

Steve Mclaughlin (aka DoorToDoor Geek), a regular on the Podnutz show has created a series of Linux training videos videos called “Linux For The Rest Of Us” to help people learn the basics of the Linux flavor “Ubuntu”. These high definition videos (720p) are designed for the new Linux users.

  Whats In It? Title Description Installing Ubuntu Downloading, burning to a CD Basic Operation An overview of Ubuntu’s features The Ubuntu "Me Menu" A built in tool to manage social networks such as Twitter and Facebook System Testing Test compatibility such as video/sound and entering/exiting sleep mode Software Center Updates and installing software First to Install Installing software you will probably need like Java, audio codes etc.. Option Install Installing commonly used software like Skype, Thunderbird etc. Install Chrome Installing Chrome and how to set it to automatically update Install LibreOffice Installing LibreOffice and running commands to install it Install/Uninstall Display hardware information with command line and other software Installing Blobs Introduction to "Blobs" Ubuntu One An overview of Ubuntu One which is a Dropbox-esque service Keyring Using Keyring which is a built in system similar to iOS’s Keychain Compbiz Cool visual effects with Compbiz Create Network Shares Setting up network shares with Samba To Network Shares Accessing Windows or Samba shares from Ubuntu ISO Burn Create ISO burning or ripping a CD to an ISO using built in software k3b Using k3b which is a CD/DVD/Bluray/ISO advanced editing tool. DeVeDe Using DeVeDe, a tool design for Transcoding/Ripping DVD video gParted Using gParted, a partitioning tool PiTiVi Using PiTiVi which is a video editor similar to Windows Movie Marke RhythmBox Using Rhythm Box, a music player The videos also have some Technician specific content: Title Description Installing on VMs Installing Ubuntu on a Virtual Machine Data Recovery Recovering data with the tool TestDisk Removing Viruses Removing viruses using Linux Who Is It For? If you have been using a Linux build like Ubuntu or Mint as your main operating system, you probably wont get much out of these videos. However, if you are a Windows user and have either no experience with Ubuntu or had a little look once or twice, then this is for you. In my own case, I have been trying various Linux builds for 10 years and I know my way around the command line due to the dedicated servers I have managed over the years – Technibble being one of them. However, when it comes to the modern builds with a highly polished GUI like Ubuntu, I dont know all the features that come installed. Also, I often dont know the name of the Linux equivalent of my commonly used Windows applications. I mean, I get them installed, install various packages but still feel a bit like a duck out of water. For example, lets say I want to have the cool visual effects that I have seen in various Ubuntu videos. Where do I look for that? Video properties? Desktop properties? Stephen covers this in detail using the software “Compbiz”. Its nice to have someone unassuming guiding you through the basics rather than telling you to RTFM. What I liked about these Linux videos is although it isnt hard to install something like Ubuntu, Stephen tells you what options choose and tells you why you would want to choose it. Its the side information and why things are done a certain way that I found lots of value in as a Ubuntu newbie. The videos take you from a simply installing Ubuntu and then not knowing what to do, to setting up a really solid operating system with all the features you would want. They are a huge kick start for getting into the Linux world which will save you a ton of time. Price The product normally sells for $59.95 but due to the size of Technibbles readership, I was able to get Technibble readers 20% OFF so the price is now $47.95 using the link below.
If you think about the price in terms of using this new found knowledge to make money by selling older (but still capable machines) to your clients, its a no brainer. Check it Out Here, Watch some of the Sample Videos   © Technibble – A Resource for Computer Technicians to start or improve their Computer Business
To get started with your own computer business, check out our Computer Business Kit. Linux For The Rest of Us image image image

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