Windows Repair – Fix Common Windows Problems

Authors: Bryce Whitty Windows Repair is a small, portable and free all-in-one repair tool designed to help you fix common Windows problems. Dial-a-Fix used to be a great tool for this task but it does not work on Windows 7 and has not been updated for years. Windows Repair is a great alternative.

With its 5 step tabs telling you to run Checkdisk, System File Checker and Backup the Registry before you start using the main part, you can see it targets end users a bit more than Technicians but these steps are worth doing anyway. The real power is when you choose “Custom Mode” on the Start Repairs stage.

The following are the repair options you can choose:

  • Reset Registry Permissions
  • Reset File Permissions
  • Register System Files
  • Repair WMI
  • Repair Windows Firewall
  • Repair Internet Explorer
  • Repair MDAC & MS Jet
  • Repair Hosts File
  • Remove Policies Set By Infections
  • Missing Start Menu Icons
  • Repair Icons
  • Repair Winsock & DNS Cache
  • Remove Temp Files
  • Repair Proxy Settings
  • Unhide Non System Files
  • Repair Windows Updates
  • Repair CD/DVD Missing/Not Working
  • Repair Volume Shadow Copy Services
  • Repair Windows Sidebar/Gadgets
  • Set Windows Services to Default Setup
  • Repair MSI (Windows Installer)




Download from Official Site – 1.39mb

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