Jobs Report: Hourly Rates for U.S. Freelance Software Developers Up 35% in 2009

Jobs Report Hourly rates for U.S.-based freelance software development jobs grew by 35% in the last year, according to a study by oDesk.

Menlo Park, CA (PRWEB) June 5, 2009 — A study of freelance software developers reveals a sharp increase in hourly rates for US-based talent, up 35% from 2008. Findings are based on analysis of over 1,800 software development assignments over the last 12 months. The study was conducted by oDesk, the marketplace for online workteams. Analysis also reveals increased rates in the Ukraine (21%), Pakistan (10%), and Russia (3%). Developers in Canada, Philippines, U.K., and Bolivia saw hourly rates dip by 10% or more.


Hourly Rates for U.S. Freelance Software Developers Up 35% in 2009
Hourly Rates for U.S. Freelance Software Developers Up 35% in 2009

Freelance software jobs include programming and development using skills such as PHP, MySQL, Java, and XHTML. oDesk data is drawn from thousands of small to medium-sized businesses that use its platform to hire, manage, and pay software development professionals around the world. There are nearly 64,000 freelance software developers registered on oDesk.
"This rate increase showcases both the quality of providers in the U.S. and the interest of buyers worldwide to hire top talent," said oDesk CEO, Gary Swart. "Even in today's economic climate, oDesk is seeing providers with top skills command competitive rates. This is in large part because of oDesk's transparency, which allows providers to build up online reputations with work histories showing strong feedback from their buyers."

About oDesk
oDesk ( is the leading marketplace for online workteams, with the best model for both buyers and providers:

For buyers: Guaranteed work — every hour billed is an hour worked. Screen captures of each provider's desktop taken at random intervals enable buyers to audit the hours and work completed so they have confidence every hour billed by a remote team member is an hour worked. This capability also enables the buyer to collaborate more closely and redirect the provider if necessary, much like you do when you manage by walking around the office.

For providers: Guaranteed payment — every hour worked is an hour paid without the hassle of invoicing or slow-paying clients, making oDesk the preferred marketplace for more than 260,000 professional contractors, including software engineers, web developers, graphic designers, writers, researchers, admins and customer service agents.

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