Episode 1 – Pilot

This is the premiere episode in which we discuss remote support programs and the difficulties of being a MacGyver when serving customers.

Intro 1:05

News and Comment segment 8:30
Bill Gates III is stepping down as Chief Software Architect at Microsoft. What, if anything, does it really mean?

HP announces it will work with two retailers to resolve patent infringements with its ink and vows to continue weeding out offenses by third party ink suppliers. Are they trying to control quality or the market?


Kevin Gilroy is named CEO and board member of OnForce. Is it a sign of better things to come?

Commercial Break 1:00
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Provider call-in discussion 9:00
How to call the show using Skype. Randy of Randy's PC Repair discusses remote support programs such as Logmein. Steve of Minuteman Tech discusses the difficulties and risks of acting as MacGyver for Clients and customers, a trap that many Providers fall into.

Wrap up and Close :51

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