Website Owners Can Get Free Quality Computing and Business Illustrations

Computing and IT related stock illustrations catalogue offers free images for placement on websites in exchange with a simple backlink.

Zürich, Switzerland (PRWEB) November 24, 2007 — Illustration and graphic design provider Ecliptic is offering free images for use on websites. There are many editorials on the web containing nothing else then text because computer and business related themes are often difficult to illustrate.

But as a specialist in computing, IT and business illustrations, Ecliptic, for more then 10 years now, is providing its services with the proper images to solve this kind of problems. The Royalty Free Stock Illustrations Catalogue with over 2000 selected high quality and unique images builds the heart of Ecliptic's services.

The illustrator Thomas Thü Hürlimann, founder and owner of Ecliptic, has created every one of those illustrations, using his wide range of different illustration styles, from hand drawing, painting, photo collage, to 2d and 3d vector images and even animation. But Ecliptic has not only stock images, its services do also provide custom illustration and graphic design like logotype, flyers and print graphics in general.

Even the existing images from the Stock Catalogue can be adapted to the needs of each individual client. For years already, free items from Ecliptic's homepage include icon sets for Mac OSX and the classic game "Catch the Mac" for download, as also the free short animation "Close Encounter". Now Ecliptic goes a big step further by even offering its images free for placement on Internet homepages and websites.

The only condition in exchange for those free images is that a link has to be placed next to them. There are two ways how to get a free image: Download it directly from a large list of prepared images, or request any of the over 2000 illustrations from the Stock Catalogue by using the request form (to be found from the free images list).

The free images can be found on the following webpage:

Ecliptic's Royalty Free Stock Illustrations Archive can be found here:

More about Ecliptic and the illustrator Thomas Thü Hürlimann:



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