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Top Ten Ways to Kill Your Company with Internet Marketing

Michael Newman Consulting specializes in internet and social media marketing. Newman's recently launched blog attempts to provide insightful information for companies needing to expand their internet marketing strategies – or in this case how NOT to expand their strategies.

San Marcos, CA (PRWEB) October 18, 2009 — Michael Newman, a product management veteran of the electronics and audio industries has a top ten list for those companies wanting to accelerate their slide toward bankruptcy.

"Social media marketing is about creating and fueling engaging content," says Newman. "What better way to get people's attention than to take something serious like our messed up economy and turn it around."

Newman brings a fun spin to the topic by mentioning how to gain more time watching CSI Miami by killing your business. However the bulk of the blog post has very sound advice – as long as you do the opposite of what is recommended.

Topics include tying internet goals to company business objectives, communication with customers, knowing exactly who your customers are and using very defined strategies with social media marketing. Other blog topics include using forums for unfiltered consumer feedback.

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