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GSmartControl – Monitor and Test Hard Drive SMART Data

Authors: Bryce Whitty

GSmartControl is an open source and portable application for identifying, monitoring and testing hard drives. GSmartControl differs from applications like CrystalDiskInfo because GSmartControl monitors the SMART data and runs tests, whereas CrystalDiskInfo just monitors the SMART data. The reason why you would want to actually test a hard drive rather than just monitoring its SMART data is because unless a hard drive has quite a few bad sectors, it probably wont trigger any warnings or alarms.

GSmartControl is capable of running the SMART Short self-test of 60 seconds and the Extended self-test which can take many hours depending on the size of the hard drive. The short diagnostic test will look for major issues but will often miss any smaller issues present. The Extended test is always recommended to test a hard drive if you have the time for it such as the machine being in your workshop.

GSmartControl runs on Windows, OSX, FreeBSD and a variety of Linux flavors including live CDs.




Download from Official Site – 6.44mb

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