Research: Consumers Receive False Sense of Security

n a recent research experiment conducted by a team of security engineers, found that most leading security software failed to detect 70% of survelliance software on a test machine.

Ottawa, Ontario (PRWEB) September 23, 2009 — The research labs at SpyReveal recently conducted an experiment and downloaded 10 of the most popular surveillance software from download directories and tested it against major anti-spyware applications.

The results were astonishing! McAfee AntiVirus and Norton Internet Security detected 30% of the surveillance software. This was followed by Spyware Doctor, SpySweeper and AVG detecting only 20%. While some anti-spyware applications failed to detect any surveillance software at all. SpyReveal successfully detected 100% of the surveillance software that was installed on the test machine and is the premiere solution dedicated to this specific threat with over 8 years experience.

Computer users are receiving a false sense of security when deploying anti-spyware applications. With the explosion in online banking and transactions, the proliferation of identity theft is greater than ever. Many users install an anti-spyware solution with the expectation to be safe from identity theft. Unfortunately, they are still at an extremely high risk for identity theft and data logging.

Surveillance software is designed to silently record computer activity and stealthily send it back to the intruder. These programs include chat loggers, email recorders, commercial keyloggers, password recorders, and screenshot recorders. Surveillance software can be obtained by anyone with a web browser, and can be placed into anyone's computer via greeting cards, email attachments, or physical access to the PC.

"In the past year the available amount of surveillance software on the market has risen 115%. More and more stories are being published of hackers who have obtained credit card records by using surveillance software", said Mr. Hankinson, SpyReveal's co-founder. "Yet, we still see major players in the security industry continue to fail at detecting this specific type of problem."

It is important for users to purchase security solutions that are designed for a dedicated purpose to receive the highest degree of protection, but without being too narrow. Anti-Spyware, anti-malware and anti-virus products do not detect most commercial surveillance software.

"Consumers should not rely on a single solution for security. Each has a specific purpose," said Mr. Hankinson. "We want consumers to realize that even though their anti-spyware software says 'Nothing Found', that any surveillance software could still be present, recording their credit cards or business intellectual property," he added.

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