Episode 8 – The Computer Repair Business By Dan Hand

This week we talk with Dan Hand, a computer professional who wrote a new book about starting a computer repair business and discuss how the lessons he learned can benefit our businesses if we only apply them.

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Hitachi has announced a breakthrough in read-head technology for hard drives. Skype released version 3.6 of its popular internet software November 15, allowing users to send and receive High Quality video calls. Users can download the latest version of Skype at www.theforcefield.net. Microsoft confirmed a bug in their random number generator used in Windows XP.

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Whether you are currently in the computer business or just thinking about starting one, you want to make the most of every resource available to increase the chances of its profit and success. One resource which could be prove to be a great asset to computer repair businesses is a new book called Computer Repair Business: Lessons Learned by Daniel Hand. How to start and run your own business. A comprehensive strategy by an experienced pro. It is currently available on his website at www.computerrepairbusiness.net and on our web site at www.theforcefield.net.

This week we are going to talk to Dan, find out how he became successful in the computer business and how the lessons he learned can benefit our businesses – if we only apply them.

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5 thoughts on “Episode 8 – The Computer Repair Business By Dan Hand”

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  2. Thanks for the great feedback! To clarify, the time posted in the notes denotes the length of the segment. The time 20:05 is the length of the interview. I apologize for the confusion. I will make a note to clarify this in future episodes.
    Thanks for listening!

  3. By the way, I noticed that your timeline was a little off. The interview with Daniel Hand actually begins at 7:42, not at 20:05. I just want to say again that I enjoyed this podcast a lot. Dan’s book also comes with a ton of documents like sample business plans, contracts, proposals, etc. — VERY, VERY, helpful stuff for anybody in the business.

  4. I agree, computer techs thinking of starting their own business, need all the help they can get. You can never get enough information, in this business. And having resources from veterans Dan, help us all.


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