Episode 58 – ScreenConnect Part 1

Today we are going to talk with a professional from a company offering a self-hosted remote support solution that not only helps you service your customers, it can also be customized to promote your brand.

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Microsoft officially ended mainstream support of Windows Vista April 10.

Apple released a removal tool April 13 to get rid of the Flashback malware.

MakeUseOf is offering a FREE e-book called Computer Inside Your Computer: How To Use VirtualBox.

Western Digital is shipping its Scorpio Blue 2.5 inch hard drive.

ZDNet claims a new report from OnForce indicates that improvements in the economy may be a mixed bag for the IT industry.

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The Computer Business Kit

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Today we’re going to talk with Jeff Bishop of Elsinore Technologies. We’ll learn about a remote support system called ScreenConnect. We’ll find out what makes it different and unique from other remote access products, some of the features and technical applications of the software and how you can integrate it into your own IT support services.

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