Episode 57 – ACRBO Magazine

Today we’ll talk with an IT service provider who launched a new publication for computer business owners and find out how you can subscribe to it FREE.

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AMD signed a deal to acquire SeaMicro.

Google upset privacy groups after it instituted new changes to its privacy policy.

Global Knowledge is offering a FREE white paper called 77 Features For Windows 7 That Every IT Professional Should Know About.

Microsoft released the Windows 8 Consumer Preview February 29.

OnForce is now testing an android version of its mobile iPhone app for IT service providers. For a demo, watch the video.

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The Computer Business Kit

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Today we’re going to talk with Daniel Hand of The Association of Computer Repair Business Owners. We will learn about his organization, discover a new trade publication he launched for computer repair business owners called ACRBO Magazine and find out how you can get it FREE.

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