Episode 55 – The Computer Business Kit

Today we will talk with an IT professional who created computer business forms, legal documents and marketing templates for his own business and created a kit so you can use them in yours.

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Microsoft announced that it plans to release Windows 8 Beta to the public in February 2012.

MakeUseOf.com is offering a free Guide called How To Build Your Own Hackintosh.

MIPS Technologies announced the release of the world’s first $99 tablet based on Android TM 4.0 .

A security bug on Facebook allowed users of the popular social media site to view personal private photos last month owned by CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

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Today we’re going to talk with Bryce Whitty, owner of Technibble and creator of The Computer Business Kit. We will learn about the latest version of his kit and catch up with the latest on his popular business web site for computer techs.

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