Episode 51 – Opening a Computer Store Part 5

Today we’ll talk with the owner of a computer store who recently expanded and moved his storefront to a new location. We’ll learn how he did it and what he had to consider before he made the critical decision to invest in such an expansion.

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Unified communications is set to experience significant growth in the coming year, according to a study by CompTIA. The complete report is available to CompTIA members at www.comptia.org.

Silicon Graphics Solutions and Intel plan to bring exascale computing to the IT industry. Read the press release.

Mozilla released Firefox 5 June 21.

The US Federal Trade Commission cleared the way for Microsoft to purchase Skype when it posted an Early Termination notice on the FTC web site June 16.

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Today we’ll talk with Parrish Reinhoel, a Value Added Reseller who owns Pathfinder Networks, a computer store in Niles, Michigan. Parrish not only opened a store, he expanded and moved it – twice. We’ll find out why he did it, how he did it, and what he had to consider before making the critical move to expand his operation. Part 5 of a six part series.

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