Episode 49 – Opening a Computer Store Part 3

Today we will continue our discussion with an IT service provider who opened his own computer store and find out what it can cost to set up an real brick and mortar store of your own.

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A new online web based service platform called Work Market has just been launched in beta and is now actively recruiting techs.Join Work Market.

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Mozilla reported 7.1 million downloads of its new Firefox 4 browser within the first 24 hours after launch. Firefox 4 can be downloaded FREE at www.mozilla.com.

OnForce announced that it will now require techs on their platform to carry Liability insurance, Errors and Omissions insurance and Worker’s Comp by April 3 – and charge them for it if they don’t.

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Today we’ll continue our discussion with Pat Palmer of The Computer Guy and learn more about how he opened his store. We’ll learn how he utilized floor space in more than one way to maximize his investment, some of the costs involved in setting up the store and how inventory management can make or break your bottom line. Part three of a six part series.

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