Episode 35 – Partner With Your Vendors

Today we are going to discover an association that can help you build relationships with vendors, learn how these relationships can help your business grow and find out how you can do it – free.

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OnForce released their Services Market Index for the second quarter of 2009 July 13. The OSMI can be downloaded free at http://www.onforce.com/OSMI/Q209

CompTia Breakaway 2009 will be held August 3 through 6, 2009 the The Mirage in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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Laptop prices have dipped below $300.

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Today we’re going to talk with Frank Raimondi, Executive Director of NASBA and learn how vendor programs and other incentives can make our businesses more profitable.
Join NASBA FREE at http://www.nasba.com/members/become.php.

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