Episode 32 – The State of the IT Industry Part 4

This week we are going to talk with The VAR Guy and ask him where he thinks the industry is headed. Part 4 of a 4 part series.

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Apple released Safari 4 beta to the public February 24. Safari 4 beta can be downloaded from http://www.apple.com/safari/download/.

The winner of the Technibble contest is Michael Murray of Bartow Onsite Computer Solutions. Congratulations, Michael! The prize is The Computer Business Kit from Technibble. If you would like a copy of The Computer Business Kit, it is $49 and it can be purchased directly at www.technibble.com.

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Microsoft released Windows Vista Service Pack 2 Release Candidate to the public March 4.

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In episode 29 we talked with Pat Palmer, heard how his business is doing well in spite of the economy and how he expects this trend to continue in the months and years to come. In episode 30 we talked with Kris Crispell and he told us the same thing. In episode 31 we talked with Crisantos Hajibrahim of Virus Woman. He told us why he entered a new and growing area of the IT market to keep his business profitable, heard how he did it and found out how he is riding out the economic storm – in the cloud. This week we will talk with The VAR Guy and find out where he thinks the industry is headed. Part 4 of a four part series.

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