Episode 2 – The VoIP Connection

This week we talk with Jamie Begin and learn about the opportunities available to Providers who are interested in selling VoIP.

Intro 1:20
Billboard :56

News and Comment segment 6:56
Intel and AMD are getting ready to duke it out again and this time it looks like Intel is going to throw the first punch.

Microsoft announces software giveaway to partners. The catch? Install it, evaluate it and fill out a survey.

Hear the sad story of a man in Malaysia who didn’t have VoIP.

Commercial Break 1:00
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Provider Interview 15:10
Interview with an OnForce Provider, Jamie Begin from Bright Idea VoIP, who entered the VoIP market, how it works for him and what opportunities are available for other Providers who are thinking about getting into an area of technology that could be the next big thing.

Wrap up and Close :52

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