Novell wins Unix Rights in SCO Case

A judge in the District Court in Utah ruled Friday that Novell owns the copyrights to Unix code in its case against SCO. In addition, SCO owes Novell for license fees paid to SCO by Microsoft and Sun Microsystems.

Update: Testing of next-gen Wi-Fi standard to start in June

While the Wi-Fi Alliance is… Read the rest of this entry »

WinHEC: Microsoft drives toward better device support for Vista

At Microsoft's WinHEC event, a company official said that despite persistent grumbling from users about peripheral devices that won't work with Windows Vista, device support for the new OS is "good and getting better." Read the rest of this entry »

Last Call For Vonage?

Vonage says they have no work around for packet technology found to be infringing on Verizon's patents, leading some to believe the VoIP company's days are numbered.