TPN Weekly #63

From the Things You Always Wanted to Tell Your Customers But Couldn’t Department:

As most of you know, The Force Field Podcast is a member of The Tech Podcast Network, a  podcast network of family-friendly shows that cover just about every aspect of technology from the latest news, business and tutorials to digital photography, amateur radio and gaming.

The Tech Podcast Network has an official podcast of its own called TPN Weekly . This weekly podcast is hosted by various podcasters on the network who take turns producing and guest hosting the show.

In February I was guest host of TPN Weekly podcast Episode #42 .

This week I am the guest host of TPN Weekly podcast Episode #63 . Since the show is primarily aimed at the general public, it was a perfect venue to reach the other side of the service provider-user relationship, that of the user and potential customer. With that in mind, it is a unique opportunity to tell the customer everything we’ve wanted to tell them about the relationship from our perspective. The end result is to educate the customer as to what we go through to servicing them so they will better understand the overall process and hopefully increase their trust and improve their perception of their service provider – without violating any contracts.

Here are the show notes for TPN Weekly #63 with Rick Savoia – The Force Field: Choosing a computer tech :

Greetings, everyone! I’m Rick Savoia, host of The Force Field, a podcast about the business of tech.

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In this episode I will give you a little sample of what The Force Field podcast is all about and the type of topics we discuss on the show. We will also discuss some insider tips you can use when shopping for a reliable computer tech.

Topics of discussion:

I will tell you about recent episodes of The Force Field podcast in which we cover topics related to planning and starting a tech business.

We will discuss the top ten list of things to consider when shopping for a computer repair technician.

If you want to know more about starting and managing a computer or IT service business, give The Force Field podcast a listen. Questions, comments or feedback? Visit us at, visit our forums or email comments(at)



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