Syntechs tries to recruit me nine years later – why?

 A few weeks ago I received an e-mail from a national called Syntechs. Synergy Technical Solutions Corporation, also known as Syntechs, was established in 1994 and is based in Boca Raton, Florida. The company offers contract work to techs in the area of onsite flat panel TV repair and some point-of-sale devices.

 Dear Rick Savoia,

Thank you for visiting and submitting your resume. I am the recruiter responsible for your region. I have reviewed your resume and would like to discuss with you the field engineer position available in your area.

Syntechs is an onsite national solutions provider that has relationships with various manufacturer’s and warranty companies.

Please respond via email at, or contact me at [phone number] so that we may discuss with you in more detail what the position entails.

You may also update your profile by visiting [link to secure login page]. Your Resume ID is [id number] and the zip code on file is 32701.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Michael Credidio
Vendor Recruiting

If you’re a tech who has been in business for awhile and has worked for a few nationals and service platforms, you probably receive recruitment e-mails and solicitations for work from such companies from time to time. I’ve received many solicitations for contract work from nationals in my day, so I wasn’t particularly surprised to find this sitting in my inbox. What I did find interesting, though, was the seemingly disingenuous and spammy nature of this one, particularly because it was allegedly sent from a company that is fairly well known by technicians in the industry. Their reputation precedes them, and it is a questionable one at that.

In the e-mail, Michael Credidio claims that I visited and submitted a resume, which supposedly they have on file. I took issue with it for a several of reasons. For starters, I don’t usually send my professional resume to national contractors. The zip code they had on file was another clue, as it would not be used as contact information on a current resume. It was the zip code of my computer store, which at the time was a retail location in Altamonte Springs, Florida. I moved my business out of that area nearly nine years ago, so if I ever did contact them or send them a resume, which I doubt, they sure took a long time to get back to me.

The third reason was because I couldn’t log into their site to verify any of this.

If they had my resume for nine years and were just now contacting me “for an interview”, I wanted to investigate and find out why. I followed the link, which went to a recruitment form page. I had to click another link on that page to access the ‘Resume Login” page. The ID and zip code they provided in the e-mail were invalid.

So, now comes the big question. If the ID and zip code were not valid login credentials as advertised, what was the point of the e-mail?

To find out, I called Syntechs and spoke directly to Mr. Credidio. As it turns out, he really didn’t have my resume. Apparently I filled out an online application to join Syntechs and he was working off the information I provided in the online form. Ironically, the date of submission was the same day I joined Onforce in May 2004.

So, why was he contacting me just now, nearly nine years after I submitted it? According to Mr. Credidio, Syntechs already had a “field engineer” assigned to that area at the time, which is why they never even responded to the application when it was first submitted (how cordial of them). Apparently they recently parted ways with this individual and were now seeking a replacement. They attempted to contact me using the phone number on file but the number was no longer working, so they sent me an e-mail instead.

I told him that when I attempted to access the web site to view my “profile”, the ID and zip code came back as invalid. He explained that after two to three weeks of the e-mail solicitation my profile was placed on “inactive” status. When I told him that I attempted to log in several times within 48 hours after receiving the e-mail, he dodged the question entirely.

After speaking with Mr. Credidio, the e-mail didn’t seem quite so spammy, but it still didn’t sound like such a great opportunity. If they were searching for a replacement for my area, why go all the way back for leads using information that was nearly a decade old? Why not start fresh from the top of the stack? After all, an old phone number that was no longer working with no forwarding number is a fairly reliable indicator that the business may no longer be around, at least not in the area they allegedly needed to cover.

The only reason it would make any sense to go that far back in time to find a new tech is if they had no other current leads and exhausted all possible options to find one. In other words, perhaps no one within reasonable driving distance to Altamonte Springs is willingly signing up to join Syntechs anymore.

This scenario actually makes sense, given the current reputation of this company within the field tech community. Syntechs is fairly well known among service technicians for their restrictive non-disclosure agreements, unreasonably low rates and a notorious propensity for not paying for the job after work is completed. Numerous discussions on tech discussion boards, forums including The Force Field Forums and consumer complaint sites have well documented their antics. The company has a very low rating in the National Contractor Directory and the comments from techs are overwhelmingly negative.

Would I work for this company? No, but I’ve retired from IT field service since my initial application and no longer perform contract work for any of these nationals, so the question is no longer at issue.

The question is, would you? Given the ratings and reviews of this company and the recent attempt to recruit someone based on an application submitted nearly a decade ago, would you work for Syntechs? Why or why not?

10 Responses to “Syntechs tries to recruit me nine years later – why?”

  • bomani71:

    ex hd repair tech
    Lets start with this that I recieved 10/15/2015

    Announcement – Syntechs

    We are sure that over these past few weeks you have been wondering what is going on at Syntechs.

    We tried very hard to manage our increasingly difficult situation, of increased costs and decreasing margins, but were not successful.

    As a result of all these challenges we have decided for the time being to cease our operations. We have begun to work with a restructuring firm to examine our operations and determine if and how we can move forward.

    We anticipate a more detailed announcement on our restructuring efforts early next week.

    We know that you have a lot of questions, and wish we could give you all the answers now, however, until we can begin our restructuring process, we will not have any further information.


    Steven Friedman
    Interim Chief Financial Officer
    561.674.9308 Phone
    561.674.9309 Fax

    So I gave my 30days notice on July 21 2015, for 2 reasons I had not received a job in 3 weeks and I had another opportunity come up. My last day to except jobs was on august 21 of 2015 but 7days prior or so they started sending me jobs again which i only did the ones i didnt have to bid on which was ok but frustrating as i was almost done with them and it seemed as if they were trying to suck me back in. But that wasnt going to happen as i was tired of having to fight with them to send me my check in full, I was lucky if i got one every month as i was making right around 3k a month, Their story was that they have to wait to get paid by a vender before paying me, well that truly isnt my problem they shouldn’t be sending techs out if they dont have the funds to cover the job.

    So to get back to the letter they owe me 4100.00 and I just got a letter from Steven F who says I will probably not see much of it if any. He is telling me that they are shutting down yet they are still running jobs which if they are truly shutting down and can pay me the money they owe me from over 3 months ago now and knowing they will not be able to pay for the techs running jobs right now this is a federal fraud crime for any techs outside of Florida as it crosses state lines. If they are not closing down then he is just lying to me to avoid paying me. But Ive done some calling around and Vizion is still in business with them which he has told me they are not working with them anymore and i call the HD Repair line to get new out of warranty work done and they are still taking new jobs and i talked to the lady on the phone and asked her are you shutting down she said no they just hired new people. I also called the tech help desk # and they are still taking calls. So I believe he is just lying to me.

    I have the owner’s info here for anyone else that wants to bug the heck out of him to get paid.

    Robert Roxberry

    561-750-2407 this is his home phone he got pissed when I called him on a Sat he was having a party.

    He also has a home in Tampa

    I am contacting the local papers and media in his area to see if that will get him motivated in paying me if not , my next step is to seek out a lawyer to fill federal fraud against him.

    If there are any Lawyers out there willing to help us (techs) get paid what he owes us please contact me.

  • Jim:

    Owed $3500
    They’ve found reason after reason to not pay on time or in full. Now their new CFO has contacted me explaining they are closing and long story short, will most likely not get paid anywhere near what is owed if at all. He said he’d speak with my ATTORNEY, however my attorney costs more than the damn lawsuit would grant me. Anyone know of a class action lawsuit please contact me.

  • Brock:

    Syntechs tries to recruit me nine years later
    Having read this I thought it was really informative.

  • Andreas:

    Syntechs tries to recruit me nine years later
    Good information.

  • Anonymous:

    Syntechs tries to recruit me nine years later
    Excellent goods from you, man.

  • Kevin:

    Shame on Melissa Schaub who is a coward
    Shame on the owners who are cowards, they are
    Robert Roxberry & Clarissa Roxberry
    these people dont care

  • Crystal:

    Office Manager
    My bet is they are trying to recruit because they make so many technicians mad to the point they are trying to sue them.

    My company has worked with them for oh probably around 9 years. They find every reason in the book to try to not pay. for the last 2 years they have consistently been 6 months late in paying bills and randomly find reasons to mark calls non payable after conveniently losing notes specifying unique calls. I wouldn’t advise anyone start working with them. We can only afford to because we have so much other work carrying us. Even still I do not like doing work for them. If I wasn’t unsure we will ever see payment I wouldn’t care so much. What really gets me is their Public Relations department saying that all techs that complain about them are simply just terrible technicians who can’t follow rules. That is called blame shifting/ not taking responsibility, etc. I hate working with Syntech personally.

  • Corey:

    Syntechs tries to recruit me nine years later
    It’s interesting.

  • frankenstein:

    I made the mistake of listening to the lies they told me when They first contacted me about the job.(I should have recorded all conversations from the start) that being said when I did start recording calls many of the people would hang up the moment I would tell them or the auto notifier would sound.

    That being said I am currently trying to build a class action against them so if you were payed late(or not at all) undisclosed fees, them being dishonest about expenses etc please contact me and send me as many records as possible on them.

  • Anselmo:

    I have been working for them and they only pay me a first check, after that all was excuses , they are a lairs, be warning to work with them , not wasting your business time.

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