Vital Network Services

Vital Network Services is a national service company offering break/fix services, intergration, network management, wireless site survays, unified communications and network design consulting services. The company is based in Tampa, Florida.

The company offers partner programs for Authorized Service Providers and Channel Partners.

Vital Network Services

Corporate Headquarters

14520 McCormick Drive
Tampa, Florida 33626
Toll-Free: 888-248-4825
Local: 813-818-5100
Fax: 813-818-5101

Field Engineer Call-In

Toll-Free: 877-677-8271 (US & Canada)
Local: 813-818-5100 Option #2
Fax: 813-818-5296

Web Site:

Authorized Service Partner application

4 thoughts on “Vital Network Services”

  1. Use to be better
    We did a lot of work with them last year… they at least paid our rates — though AWS threatened not to pay on a job even though we sat on hold for over 7hrs…. they were ok, bad communications, we no longer will work with them.

  2. They treat you like a W2
    I used to do work for Vital Networks via FS24x7 back in 04 and 05. The work was OK- but the issue I had with them is that they treat their 1099’s like a W2. They are very demanding and expect you to bend over backwards for them. My final straw with them was a letter they sent to all techs threatening anyone that didn’t show up 10 minutes early to each call.

  3. RE: Vital Network Services
    Vital is a conundrum, depending on which EU your WO comes from will depend on how much they offer as pay.

    They are also known for being slow to pay and push the limits when they can.

    **UPDATE** 27FEB12

    Don’t trust their SOW on work orders. They are putting out WO’s for multiple hours of work and when you get on site you find it a second visit and there is only a hour of work.

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