Dell to close support center

Dell is closing a call center.

Last week, Dell said that it would be closing its PC phone support center in Mohali, India. According to the Hindu Business Line the closure was due to “falling employee productivity”. Translation- the number of incoming support calls are down, apparently so much that it is no longer cost effective to have one of their call centers.

This is no huge revelation. PC sales were down more than 10% industry wide in 2013, according to IDC’s Worldwide Quarterly Tracker. So far, 2014 isn’t looking too good, either.

Dell is feeling the pinch, but so are HP, Acer, ASUS and other PC manufacturers. Apparently the only PC maker to come out significantly ahead of the game was Lenovo, thanks in part to Chromebooks and sales in Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

The death of the desktop has been predicted for over a decade. Is this the beginning of the end of the Personal Computer?

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