The Force Field Podcast to Feature Special Guest Tonight

As most of you know we’ve been running a three part series on Selling Linux. For those who haven’t heard it, this is an in-depth discussion on the current state of Linux adoption in the industry and how we can offer Linux based solutions in our computer businesses as a way to differentiate ourselves from other IT companies and create a profitable niche in an uncrowded market.

Tonight at 12:01 AM EDT I will release Part 3 of this series. It features an interview with the President and CEO of a desktop Linux vendor. To learn the identity of our mystery guest, you can hear a 30 second promo for the episode  below.


I created this series because I think the Wintel market is overcrowded and I really believe that there is more money to be made offering Linux and open source solutions in a field that is wide open than by trying to wedge ourselves into an an already saturated Windows world.

You may disagree with me but let’s be honest, MCSEs are a dime a dozen but there is a real shortage of techs and computer businesses that know Linux – and there is a real and growing demand for them.

Feel free to debate that issue but it is true. Linux is becoming very profitable. The Linux market is wide open.

Anyway, even if you disagree, you may still be interested in tonight’s interview. It is at least thoughtful and it may even change your point of view. Either way, enjoy it and let me know what you think.