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Want to maximize your advertising budget and reach your targeted market directly? Advertise on The Force Field podcast and web site!

Whether at the office or on the go, The Force Field podcast precisely targets the small entrepreneur whose business is IT sales, service and support. Conventional media advertising is expensive and can eat into your advertising budget quickly with no guarantee of return. Why settle for these when you can talk directly to the audience you are trying to reach, and that audience only, for less?

Arbitron did a study on the effectiveness of advertising on Internet broadcasts. In Arbitron’s own words: “Internet broadcast consumers spend more, are more eager to try new products and services, and are a compelling advertising target…” (Want a copy of the report? download it here ).

Reach the exact, highly-targeted audience you want to address – at the exact right time (often while they are on the road, onsite or working at a computer with their mp3 players) - at a fraction of the cost of radio or magazine advertising. For more information download our Media Kit or call 407-278-5698.


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