Episode 59 - ScreenConnect Part 2

Today we are going to conclude our discussion with a professional from a company offering a self-hosted remote support solution and find out how we can customize this remote support software to help our own businesses become more profitable.

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The US International Trade Commission ordered an import ban on Motorola Mobility products with Android May 18th.

VIPRE Antivirus is offering a Free 30 Day Trial Download of VIPRE Antivirus Business Software.

The Force Field Episode 58 featured a commentary on a ZDNet article called OnForce: Improving economy might not be helping IT industry. After the episode was released, the author added a direct link to the original report that was cited as the source of the data presented in the article. The assessment of the report in The Force Field show commentary was correct.

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The Computer Business Kit

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Today we're going to continue our discussion with Jeff Bishop of Elsinore Technologies and learn more about a remote support system called ScreenConnect. We'll discuss the difference between the tools used for remote support and managed services, the advantages of using self hosted support software over a hosted, subscription based service, and how customizing and branding a remote support tool can add a whole new dimension to the marketing and promotion of your IT business.

Interview with Jeff Bishop 25:07

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