3DP Net – Auto Detects and Installs Network Drivers

Authors: Bryce Whitty

As Computer Technicians, one of the most important things for us to do after we install a fresh copy of Windows is to get the operating system online so we can install the appropriate drivers. Unfortunately, there is sometimes a catch 22 where we cant get the operating system online because we dont have the network driver, and we cant get the driver because we cant get online.

This is where 3DP Net comes in handy. 3DP Net is a freeware application that will either install the correct network card driver or a generic one allowing you to get online and download the appropriate drivers.

While other driver installing options exist like, some technicians prefer to only install the very latest drivers from the manufacturers website and only need a simple network driver. 3D PNet is a small, simple package to achieve that.




Download from – 46mb

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Special thanks to forum member MobileTechie for recommending this one.

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