TPN Weekly #42 - Who is that tech at your door?

From the Things You Always Wanted to Tell Your Customers But Couldn't Department:

How many times have you done contract work for another company and found yourself in a situation in which servicing the customer properly involved some procedure, information or disclosure that was in violation of some part of your service contract? There you are, onsite and on your own, in front of the customer and on the spot, trying to come up with a work around to accommodate him or her without breaching a confidentiality clause in the work order agreement?

Okay, forget for a moment that there are service technicians out there who don't think twice about breaking a contract to circumvent the national that sent them and simply don't care. I'm not talking to them.

I'm talking to those who take their relationships with their clients seriously and uphold their end of the service contract - not just so they will get paid and receive more jobs - but because it's the right thing to do for both the nationals and their customers.

For the most part we don't worry about it much. We show up, perform the work and leave. However, there are a few times where we're put on the spot by the customer for work or information that the customer should receive or know but the work order contract prevents us from providing.

There are also times when a demanding or difficult customer could be easily satiated by educating them on the operation on the back end, but which we generally can't do, even when they ask.

It's happened to me a few times and wasn't an easy thing to dance around, yet I wanted to be honest and not lie to them. Now I have the chance to be upfront and open about it and without violating any contracts.

As most of you know, The Force Field Podcast is a member of The Tech Podcast Network , a  podcast network of family-friendly shows that cover just about every aspect of technology from the latest news, business and tutorials to digital photography, amateur radio and gaming.

The Tech Podcast Network has an official podcast of its own called TPN Weekly . This weekly podcast is hosted by various podcasters on the network who take turns producing and guest hosting the show.

This week I am the guest host of TPN Weekly podcast Episode #42 . Since the show is primarily aimed at the general public, it was a perfect venue to reach the other side of the service provider-user relationship, that of the user and potential customer. With that in mind, it is a unique opportunity to tell the customer everything we've wanted to tell them about the relationship from our perspective. The end result is to educate the customer as to what we go through to servicing them so they will better understand the overall process and hopefully increase their trust and improve their perception of their service provider - without violating any contracts.

Here are the show notes for TPN Weekly #42 with Rick Savoia - The Force Field: Who is that tech at your door? :

I will introduce myself and give listeners some inside information about the computer repair business they need to know as a well informed consumer.

Topics of discussion:

I will tell you a little about my experiences starting small tech businesses that were too far ahead of their time.

We will find out how and why I created The Force Field podcast and portal.

Most importantly, we will talk about the field service technician who shows up at your door to fix your PC, who he really works for, how much money he really makes when he shows up to service your computer, whether or not he is even qualified to perform the work and your rights to such disclosure as a consumer.

If you want to know more about starting and managing a computer or IT service business, give The Force Field podcast a listen. Questions, comments or feedback? Visit us at, visit our forums or email comments(at)


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