Missing episode of The Force Field recovered and reposted online

Several months ago the CDN which hosted several episodes of The Force Field, including the first six, went offline permanently, taking the episodes with it. As we just released The Force Field Premium Edition Volume 1 in The Force Field Podcast Store on another host, which consisted of the first six episodes remastered with extended content and no advertising, there was no immediate concern.

It was also discovered that episode 12, which was not included in The Force Field Premium Edition, was one of the shows lost. The episode was titled 2007: The year in Review and was a recap of events in the IT industry for 2007.

Initially there were no immediate plans to restore it as the episode covered news from two years prior which seemed somewhat irrelevant to current events. However, the episode was a popular download with listeners. Apparently listeners attempted to download Episode 12 within the past three weeks. It was brought to my attention and a search through the show archives began.

This evening I located the original mp3 recording and uploaded it to another CDN which hosts our current episodes. The Force Field Episode 12 - 2007: The Year in Review was restored and is now available in its original listing on The Force Field Podcast Episodes page.

On further review, I can understand why there would continue to be interest in an episode about events that are now over two years old. It is a look back at what is now history and provides a perspective and a better understanding of where the industry is today and how we got to where we are now.

You can hear the episode at or at   Episode 12 - 2007: The Year In Review .

The first six episodes of The Force Field have been remastered, restored and there are plans to re-release them online during the next few months. Episode 1 is planned for re-release next month. An additional episode will be re-released once a month until May 2010. I will post an announcement as each episode is released.

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