Episode 42 – Forming Your Business Part 2

Today we will continue our discussion with Tony Mancuso, an expert on business formation and learn about starting various forms of business entities for IT such as sole proprietorships, partnerships, LLCs and corporations. Part 2 of a two part series.

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OnForce released their Services Market Index for the first quarter of 2010 April 26. The OSMI Q1 2010 report is available for download at http://www.onforce.com/OSMI/q110.

We are currently updating the The Force Field National Contractor Directory. There are over 100 companies currently listed and you can view them all when you log into TheForceField.net and click on IT Business Resource Directory in the member menu on the left sidebar. Note: you must be a member and log in to view the directory. Membership to The Force Field portal is FREE. Join today!

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CompTIA will hold their annual CompTIA Breakaway 2010 August 9-12 2010 in San Antonio Texas.

According to NetmarketShare, Microsoft Internet Explorer lost 20% market share in the last two years.

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Today we are going to continue our discussion with Tony Mancuso author of a book called LLC or Corporation? How to Choose the Right Form For Your Business, discover the difference between Limited Liability Companies and Corporations, discuss the different types of corporations and how you can find out which form of business is right for your company. Part 2 of a two part series.

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