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Episode 40 – Planning Your Business Part 4

Today we are going to continue our discussion with Tim Berry, a business planning expert who developed an application for use as a guide in business planning, learn how it works and find out how it can help you create a plan for your business. Part 4 of a four part series.

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OnForce released their Services Market Index for the fourth quarter of 2009 January 25. The company also released The 2009 Year End Report, which contained data compiled from service transactions performed throughout 2009.

The Force Field The State of the IT Industry Contest winner announced.

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Seagate announced February 9 that it is shipping the world’s most reliable hard drive.

MacWorld 2010 opened last week without Apple. Can Mac fandom survive without Steve Jobs and Apple?

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Today we’ll continue our discussion with Tim Berry, founder of Palo Alto Software and learn more about Business Plan Pro. We’ll find out what it does, how it does it and how you can use it as a guide to create solid a business plan that will work for your business. Part 4 of a four part series.

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