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Episode 37 – Planning Your Business Part 1

Today we’re going to talk with an IT service provider who created a business plan, learn how he did it and find out how his business plan helped his business become more successful. Part 1 of a four part series.

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OnForce released their Services Market Index for the third quarter of 2009 October 21. The OSMI Q3 2009 report is available for download at

IObit is giving away full one-year licenses of Security 360 Pro anti-malware utility until November 11, 2009. To obtain a free license, go to

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NASBA is now offering a free 60-day trial version of security software from Kaspersky Lab for resellers throught D&H Distributing.

Microsoft released Windows 7 October 22.

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Today we’re going to talk to Pat Palmer of The Computer Guy, learn about his business, hear how he took a course in business planning and find out how he created a plan for his business that helped him become more successful. Part 1 of a four part series.

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