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Episode 33 – Macgyvertech

This week we are going to talk to an IT Service Provider who does it all. We’ll find out how he manages both the business and tech sides of his company and ask him what it means to be a real Macgyvertech.

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AMD announced that it would accelerate its roadmap with an early release of its six-core Opteron processor this June and plans to ship a 16-core processor in 2011.

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A new podcast called Macgyvertech launches May 2009 at Give it a listen and let me know what you think.

If you think Windows 7 will finally lure users away from XP and redeem Microsoft for Windows Vista, think again, says a new study by Kace Networks. .

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This week we’re going to talk to Parrish Reinoehl of Pathfinder Networks, learn how he started his business, talk about his experiences as a tech who does it all and find out what it takes to be a real Macgyvertech.

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