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Episode 27 – Merchant 911: Accepting Credit Cards Part 1

This week we are going to talk with an IT professional and merchant who launched a website called Merchant 911 to help small businesses learn the pros and cons of accepting credit cards and provide them with the resources to fight credit card fraud.

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The Community officially announced the release of 3.0 3.0 this month. The open source office suite reached 3 million downloads in its the first week of release.

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Windows 7, the code name for the next next version of Microsoft Windows, has now been given an official name. Microsoft is also preparing to release another service pack for Windows Vista.

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This week we’re going to talk to Tom Mahoney from Merchant 911, learn how his own experiences with fraudulent credit card transactions prompted him to create his web site, discuss the benefits and risks of accepting credit cards in your business and find out which credit cards are the best and worst to accept. Part 1 of a two part series.

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