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Episode 20 – Technibble

This week we will talk with Bryce Whitty, an IT professional who started his own computer business and then created a web site that became a very useful resource for service providers around the world to discuss the IT industry from a business perspective.

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The Community announced the release of 3 beta to the public May 7th. 3.0 is the latest release of the open source office suite originally developed by Sun Microsystems and is considered by many to be one of few serious competitors of Microsoft Office. has joined forces with to offer you a new and exciting, and professional resource. Now you can subscribe to complimentary Information Technology magazines such as PC World, Mac World, eWeek and others in one convenient location. You can also download white papers, webinars, podcasts, and more across 34 industry sectors. Best of all, it’s free, and you can’t beat free. No credit cards, coupons, or promo codes are required. Subscriptions to these publications are free to professionals who qualify. Visit today to browse our selection or go the and click on the menu item labeled Free Publications on the right side bar.

A former security employee for Microsoft issued a fix for computers plagued by the constant reboot issue caused by Windows XP Service Pack 3 May 14th. In a series of posts in blog, Jesper Johanssen, Microsoft Security MVP and former Microsoft employee, discussed the reboot problem and released a script written in Visual Basic to resolve it. You can download the fix from his web site entitled Jesper’s Blog.

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This week we’re going to talk to Bryce Whitty, learn about the differences and similarities of IT service and support in different parts of the world, learn about his web site Technibble and discuss the current trends in the industry from his perspective.

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