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Todd Hughes:
eGroupware has themes. The Ebox admin interface doesn't, but the users don't see that.

Regarding Zimbra; the company I work for (my day job) makes mucho $$$ selling and supporting the open source version of Zimbra. We even provide it as a hosted solution.  ;)

(I really like the super-powerful command line administration available in Zimbra. Makes the GUI look like a toy compared to what you can do with the zm* command line language.)


--- Quote from: Todd Hughes on January 18, 2010, 12:42:20 PM ---
--- Quote from: Todd Hughes on January 04, 2010, 01:06:37 AM ---(Try upgrading SBS 2003 to SBS 2008 with 2 commands on the command line and NO reboot!     :P   )

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Well, judging by another thread next door, this SBS upgrade can take days to complete (and requires a hardware upgrade if SBS 2003 was running on 32 bit stuff).   ;D

--- End quote ---
Actually it's a migration- not an upgrade. You have to have both SBS2003 and SBS2008 running at the same time.  I'm shocked about how long it takes as well.  I could setup an entirely new SBS network and transfer user shares and accounts as well as join the workstations to the new domain faster than that (well, for small networks anyway).

eBox has a new distro available, 1.4, which has the ability to be a PDC or a slave to sync with AD.

Full feature list:
Firewall and routing
NAT and port redirections
VLAN 802.1Q
Support for multiple PPPoE and DHCP gateways
Multi-gateway rules, load balancing and automatic failover
Traffic shaping (with application layer support)
Graphical traffic rate monitoring
Network intrusion detection system
Dynamic DNS client
Network infraestructure
DHCP server
NTP server
DNS server
Dynamic updates via DHCP
RADIUS server
VPN support
Dynamic routes autoconfiguration
HTTP proxy
Internet cache
User authentication
Content filtering (with categorized lists)
Transparent antivirus
Intrusion Detection System
Mail Server
Virtual domains
SIEVE support
External account retrieval
POP3 and IMAP with SSL/TLS
Spam and antivirus filtering
Greylisting, blacklisting, whitelisting
Transparent POP3 proxy filter
Catch-all account
Web server
Virtual hosts
Certification authority
Centralized users and groups management
Master/slave support
Windos Active Directory Synchronization
Windows PDC
Password policies
Support for Windows 7 clients
Network resource sharing
File server
Recycle bin
Print server
Groupware: calendar, address book, webmail, wiki, etc.
VoIP server
Conference rooms
Calls through an external provider
Call transfers
Call parking
Music on hold
Jabber/XMMP server
Conference rooms
eBox User Corner for self users info updating
Reporting and monitoring
Dashboard for centralized service information
Monitor CPU, load, disk space, thermal, memory
Disk usage and RAID status
Summarized and full system reports
Event notification via mail, RSS or Jabber
Software updates
Backups (configuration and remote data backup)
Control Center to easily deploy and administrate several machines running eBox Platform (see the product page for more information).

Todd Hughes:
Pssssstttt.......hey B:



--- Quote from: Todd Hughes on February 15, 2010, 09:51:55 PM ---Pssssstttt.......hey B:


--- End quote ---

I thought I saw that here, but didn't see it in LLUG. I see it is in Open Source. I just installed it on my new server. nice little box for $500.
Came with free Xeon CPU and $100 gift card when I ordered it.


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