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CES 2015 / CES 2015 begins tomorrow!
« Last post by Rick Savoia on January 06, 2015, 12:20:18 AM »
Since 2008, The Force Field has carried video coverage of The Consumer Electronics Show. 2015 marks our eighth year of coverage from the floor of CES. The front page of The Force Field web portal will feature 24/7 video coverage of CES 2015, including a LIVE stream during the event. As in years past we will stream both recorded features and a live stream courtesy of The Tech Podcast Network (TPN). The Force Field Podcast is a proud member of TPN.

In addition to the live video stream, the front page of TheForceField.Net will also feature a live chat, where viewers around the world can discuss CES 2015 in real time.

To complete the coverage, The Force Field Forums will also have the CES 2015 Forums open and available to the public, for the latest comments, debates and discussions during CES 2015.

Also, for the first time, TPN coverage of CES will also be carried on Nintendo Teens. This is the site of The Nintendo Teens Podcast, a family friendly gaming podcast produced by my son and daughter. Their show became a part of TPN last summer and their participation in the network is kind of a milestone. It's a little shameless cross-promotion, I know, but they earned it.

The event begins 12 Noon EST (9 AM PST) Tuesday, January 6, 2015.
Public Discussions (PUBLIC) / Re: Censorship in Field Nation Groups
« Last post by Roy J. Tellason on January 02, 2015, 05:12:52 PM »
I'm posting this in a public thread because I'm a little bit annoyed with Field Nation and I want them to know what they are doing is hurting their brand.

They're not the only one.  As your comment about OF indicates.  And it was exactly that sort of behavior in the WM forum that brought me back here.

If you want to witness real censorship in action, go to any of the OnForce pages or groups on any of the social networks. They have no qualms about letting the techs know what they really think of their opinions and how much they value their feedback. If there is something wrong inside their little bubble, they don't want to hear it, and they will let you know by censoring your post.

And they *like* their little bubble.  And are apparently not perceiving the wider and longer-term effects of these policies.

Dell did that for years and it didn't work well for them. Customers would post negative comments in their forums. When a company receives too many negative comments they assume it means there is something wrong with their customers. No, it means something is wrong with the customers' perception of their company or brand. Something is wrong that needs to be fixed. Deleting posts won't fix the problem, but it will do two other things that WILL hurt their brand- first, it will upset the customer even more, and second, it will create the perception that the company isn't listening and doesn't want to fix the problem.

Just so.

If Field Nation wants to protect their reputation and their brand, they need to learn how to take and handle the negative feedback about their buyers in a productive manner. I know companies don't like negative feedback, but that's still valuable feedback. The customer, or in this case, the tech, is trying to tell you something. If you really care about your own company's brand and reputation, you will stop and listen. It is the wise and ethical thing to do.

Why do you suppose they don't seem to care about this?

Simply deleting topics tells the techs you don't care, and that's only going to hurt your brand.


And I'm less and less inclined to bother with any of them these days,  compared to a few years back when the platforms constituted a nontrivial portion of my overall income.  They're making themselves irrelevant.
I am a subcontractor in the Vancouver BC market doing work for I occationally get calls "I need to do more cold calls" to electricans to do lv data telecom and It work.

Anyway, a company called me in for a interview. It is a windows upgrade for a large amount of PCs. The client was orgininally asking for 7 images, hardware upgrades, and walking end users over the phone and installing applications remotly so the end user is happy.
Then the end user tells my possible future employer, to double the work load. That mean 14 images per day per tech "me". The other techs also need to double the work load.

I have done deployments before, but never ever to this high volume. He said I would be imaging 5 machines at once. He wanted me to work every day except christmas.

Anyone ever heard of doing such a high workload before and is it possile without loosing employees due to work load stress?
Public Discussions (PUBLIC) / Re: Censorship in Field Nation Groups
« Last post by derek vandentop on August 20, 2014, 12:42:24 AM »
lol that is great, yeah their support group is pretty worthless for anything above something ordinary also pisses me off when they call me to say they have work in the area. no crap sherlock i got the email or text on it, obviously wasnt interested
Public Discussions (PUBLIC) / Re: Censorship in Field Nation Groups
« Last post by david on August 20, 2014, 12:27:10 AM »
The staff at field nations are a joke, and know very little about the nature of their own business.

Example in case.  I reached out to a contact I knew about a project,  this is what I got from them

Hello David,
Please do not contact Essintial anymore. If you have any question or concern please contact Field Nation support.
Thank You,
Sean Williams
Field Nation Support Team

my response was

Please explain why I cannot contact them concerning a posted project? Is not the main function of Field Nation is for us to interface directly with the buyers. If you are saying that we are not allowed to interface with the buyers and if you are, please show me where it say that we cannot.

Hello David,
As per Essintial's requests we have asked you not to contact them anymore.
Thank You,
Sean Williams
Field Nation Support Team

My response was.

You are more than free to ask but keep in mind that you are barred from interfering in any way shape or form on how I and others that use the Field nations platform conduct business. 
As Field Nations proudly proclaims that they are a “pass thru” so that companies can reach the resources they need, thus the door does swing the other way.
 Field Nations does not have any vested interest in the success or failure of my business or any other business, nor do they have any authority to dictate  how, when or where we conduct business.  As long as I do not attempt to work direct for any buyer that I have performed work for on the Field Nations platform,  there is no violation of my contract.
 Field Nations on the other hand  may have violated the contract by acting as a 3rd party where no 3rd party existed.  Since Field Nations can be considered a disinterested party in the transactions that occur, since the sole function of Field Nations is to collect funds from the buyers so that they may obtain direct access to other businesses or individuals that can perform the work for them. 
Since I am not an employee of Field Nations nor am I contracted by Field Nations to perform work directly for them, Field Nations does not have the legal standing to represent any other company but their own in any type of business transaction or matter since Field Nations is a “pass thru” organization that operates as a payroll company only.

Not a peep out of them after that.

Public Discussions (PUBLIC) / Re:
« Last post by LVData on July 28, 2014, 01:26:48 PM »
Thought they might be related to NSC.

Doesn't look like it, though.
Public Discussions (PUBLIC) / Re:
« Last post by Rick Savoia on July 26, 2014, 04:43:50 PM »
I've seen them before, although I don't know that much about them. If I recall, I think I stumbled across them while checking out another company. I don't remember if it was a managed services or other support related product or service. I think they are based in the UK but have offices in Asia.
Applications (PUBLIC) / Re: Outlook 2013 Address Book issues
« Last post by slowhand53 on July 11, 2014, 01:44:36 AM »
i haven't had much time on '13 so take this with a grain....

is outlook pointing to the "correct" contacts folder?  i seem to remember a previous version that would import the folder as a 2nd contacts folder and i had to provide a path to 2nd folder.

after a quick google, outlook has apparently not outgrown this problem
Applications (PUBLIC) / Outlook 2013 Address Book issues
« Last post by edpallo on July 10, 2014, 04:47:43 PM »
A client is using Outlook 2013 on a new Win8.1 PC.  Imported emails/contacts from Outlook Express via PST file.  While there are over 100 contacts in the contacts folder, client cannot see any entries when she clicks on the address book inside a new email message.

I've done the standard things like ensuring the contacts folder is showing the use as an address book option.  Tried importing all the again contacts via .csv file. 

If you click on the "To" button in a new email, no contacts show up.

To me it smells like Outlook 2013 is using a personal address book instead of the contacts folder.  But I cannot find any settings regarding this.

Public Discussions (PUBLIC) / Re:
« Last post by Todd Hughes on June 30, 2014, 09:55:46 AM »
Nope. (sorry)

Hi Tom!
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