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Author Topic: new here. Interviewed for a employer but the work load sounds to much  (Read 1368 times)

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I am a subcontractor in the Vancouver BC market doing work for I occationally get calls "I need to do more cold calls" to electricans to do lv data telecom and It work.

Anyway, a company called me in for a interview. It is a windows upgrade for a large amount of PCs. The client was orgininally asking for 7 images, hardware upgrades, and walking end users over the phone and installing applications remotly so the end user is happy.
Then the end user tells my possible future employer, to double the work load. That mean 14 images per day per tech "me". The other techs also need to double the work load.

I have done deployments before, but never ever to this high volume. He said I would be imaging 5 machines at once. He wanted me to work every day except christmas.

Anyone ever heard of doing such a high workload before and is it possile without loosing employees due to work load stress?